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Online video course creation

Looking to transform your online courses?


At BBG Creative Productions, we excel in video production, leveraging multi-camera setups and teleprompter support for seamless content delivery.


With professional actors as instructors, your educational content will captivate learners like never before.

Technical approach

Multi-camera setup

With multiple strategically positioned cameras, we capture every angle for your video courses, ensuring engaging visuals and uninterrupted instruction.


Our teleprompter ensures seamless delivery of lines to the camera, whether it's from your team or our hired actors, allowing for a polished and professional presentation.

Studio lighting

Illuminate your testimonial and instructional setups with our professional soft lights, ensuring optimal visibility and a polished look for your video content.

Interview BTS_edited.jpg

Clean audio

Achieve impeccable sound with our overhead boom mic and wireless lavalier mic, offering flexibility and expandability for multi-instructor scenarios.


Our collaborative post-production brings your vision to life with three rounds of editing per video. Tailored quotes based on series length ensure transparency and satisfaction.

Online video courses

Case study: Rock & Roll Daycare
Educational video series

Welcome to our online video course, crafted exclusively for Rock & Roll Daycare! Dive into an enriching journey where the principles of Montessori education come alive for pre-kindergarten learners.


Discover a dynamic blend of interactive lessons and captivating activities to nurture young minds and cultivate a lifelong love for learning.

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