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Stratovan Corporation

Checkpoint Software Tutorials

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic spanning from 2020 to 2021, we joined forces with esteemed professors from UC Davis to develop a series of captivating videos for Stratovan's globally renowned Checkpoint software, the leading solution for 3D shape analysis and morphometrics.

Our journey was not without its hurdles, as we encountered unique challenges. Given the limitations imposed by the pandemic, we could not film the UC Davis professors in person. However, we swiftly devised a solution by curating a comprehensive remote video package with top-notch web cameras and high-quality audio recording equipment. To ensure a seamless production process, we meticulously crafted a detailed guide, enabling the professors to generate video footage independently, which our expert team later skillfully edited.

Furthermore, we extended our support to the professors by actively participating in numerous Zoom calls, collaboratively capturing indispensable content for each video. By leveraging our combined expertise and leveraging technology, we successfully overcame the obstacles that stood in our way, resulting in a series of impactful videos that perfectly showcase the capabilities of Stratovan's Checkpoint software.

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