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Shop Lit Live

eCommerce App Commercial

When Shop Lit Live approached us about creating a commercial for their soon-to-be-released eCommerce shopping app, we agreed this would be an excellent opportunity to employ some of our most creative ideas. eCommerce is a relatively new and influential industry, so we knew it would be essential to showcase the Shop Lit Live app by utilizing high-quality visuals, eye-catching motion graphics, and custom-designed video transitions.


  • Director: Eva Zheng

  • Producer: Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert

  • Production designer: Isabelle Najera

  • Cinematographer: Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert

  • Gaffer: Jacob Mariani

  • Key grip: Santaro Muto

  • Digital imaging technician: Jake Sohngen

  • Editor: Goldmond Fong

  • Motion graphics artist: Goldmond Fong

  • Colorist: Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert

Technical information:

  • Shoot length: 2 days

  • Pre-production: 3 weeks

  • Post-production: 3 weeks

  • Camera: Panasonic AU-EVA1

  • Capture format: 3840x2160

  • Lenses: Canon CN-E cinema primes

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