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Shop Lit Live

eCommerce App Commercial

When Shop Lit Live approached us with the prospect of crafting a captivating commercial for their highly anticipated eCommerce shopping app, we recognized the perfect opportunity to unleash our creativity and bring innovative ideas to life. Understanding the significant impact of the rapidly evolving eCommerce industry, we were determined to create a visually stunning showcase for the Shop Lit Live app.

To ensure a truly immersive experience, we spared no effort in employing top-tier visuals that would captivate the audience's attention. Leveraging cutting-edge techniques, we crafted mesmerizing motion graphics that seamlessly integrated with the narrative, enhancing the overall impact of the video. Furthermore, we meticulously designed custom video transitions with meticulous attention to detail, elevating the visual appeal and reinforcing the app's unique identity.

Our goal was to provide a launch video that captured the essence of Shop Lit Live and stood out in the bustling world of eCommerce. By combining our expertise in video production with our creative vision, we delivered a captivating masterpiece that effectively showcases the app's features and distinguishes it from the competition.


  • Director: Eva Zheng

  • Producer: Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert

  • Production designer: Isabelle Najera

  • Cinematographer: Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert

  • Gaffer: Jacob Mariani

  • Key grip: Santaro Muto

  • Digital imaging technician: Jake Sohngen

  • Editor: Goldmond Fong

  • Motion graphics artist: Goldmond Fong

  • Colorist: Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert

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